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Tekno Pivot Ball and Shock Multi-tool

Over the years I have had a number of tools that I have used for holding shock shafts as I screwed the ball ends on. These have ranged from wire cutters that I was careful to use to hold the threads of the shock shaft through to supposedly proper shock shaft tools. The problem with a lot of tools is that they are too small to get a proper grip on the shock shaft and when it slips it can leave marks.

I was talking to Andrew, at Modeltune, one afternoon who has recently become an official distributor for Tekno kits, tools and spares and he suggested I have a look at the Tekno Multi-Purpose Shock/Ball End Tool (part no. TKR1115).

So the multi tool was purchased after checking it out in the shop…

It really is a nice looking tool and much more than just a tool for shock shafts. As you can see in the picture below it is CNC crafted out of high grade aluminium block and anodised in Tekno’s signature two tone black/grey finish.

Believe it or not this is what my tool looks like after being used and falling around my tool box for two months;


It has a number of functions including holding 3mm and 4mm shock shafts, 12mm (shock bottom cap) and 17mm (shock bottom and top cap) hex holding areas that are very useful for shock rebuilds and two features for popping pivot balls in and out of ball ends. These are all clearly marked on the tool in white. Because of the length of the handles and size of the tool it is adult hand friendly in that you can get a good grip to hold shock shafts tight or leverage to pop pivot balls out.

One useful thing for me when running touring car is that the tool is 10mm deep so when I grip the touring car shock shaft with the tool against the bottom of the shock and I tighten the ball end up against the tool it is pretty close to 10mm. Then I use callipers to measure it to the distance I want, but it is good to start with them all the same or close.


Popping pivot balls in and out of ball ends can easily damage the plastic ball end.  With the Tekno tool there are two dedicated pivot ball ‘IN’ and pivot ball ‘OUT’ parts to the tool.  The ‘OUT’ tool is angled to align with the direction of ejection ensuring the pivot ball doesn’t get scraped as you push it out of the plastic ball end.  The ‘IN’ side makes it easy to push the balls in and because of the way it works you cannot push the ball too far through so it does not stretch the ball end.

I have to say that I have been well pleased with this tool for shock building for both 10th touring cars and 8th buggy shocks and never once has it slipped or marked any shock shafts. I have also used it to pop out some ball links and again it works as it should. A really good tool ad it really does feel like quality and will last for a long time.

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