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Colin Jackson’s ARC R11 build tips

As some of you may know I am currently driving the ARC R11 2018 touring car and did a review of it here

Colin Jackson put together a few build tips for when he is building his car and these could apply to most touring cars out there so well worth a read;

I always take a touch off all the holes on the chassis that have things mount to them to make sure that it is perfectly flat;


I do this using a large drill bit or countersink bit;


When building a fresh kit make sure your chassis and deck are flat before you start!


This is hugely important as carbon can warp if it’s not flat in the box or from the factory for some reason.

I use very fine paper to remove the anodising from the bulkhead key area as this makes the tower a little less of a tight and they slide on nice and easy.


This should help a little with tweak as having to force it in with a screw can’t be good!! I also file the shock tower hole slightly as well so that they do not twist when being screwed on.

Next diff cams… I looks at a lot of cars that have uneven diff cams left to right! The alloy ones are easy to use as they come with a top and bottom markings. On the std ones use a paint marker and dot the cam so it’s easy to see in the car. This may seem like a small detail but if your cams are uneven your car will feel broken.


Another tip from the Awesomatix days… alloy parts that are bolted to the chassis, again with fine sand paper, make sure the surface that has been anodised is perfectly flat, this was a big issue on the original A800 and I do it to everything since;


Another use for droop blocks if you do not have a 20mm block for tightening your bulkheads;


Final build tip.. good one for checking the car tweak before tightening the top deck down. Put the top deck screws on a couple of turns and make sure the top deck will fall under its own weight buy lifting the top deck slightly and make sure it drops down flat again.

If not then the chassis is holding tweak, a bulkhead is not mounted straight or there may be a fracture in the top deck. I’m not a fan of making the holes bigger in the top deck, just prefer to make them line up correctly.