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Summer Fun with a RTR 8th Buggy

So I have set myself a small challenge for the summer of 2019 to see if it is still possible to go to your local model shop, buy a cheap’ish 8th buggy, go racing at a proper 8th club, and have fun! My touring car racing is still my primary class but sometimes pressure creeps in, looking for that best setup, getting that next hopup that will work magic…

So I had a chat with my local model shop, in this case Rennicks Modeltune in Portadown, here in Northern Ireland. I am friends with Andrew, the owner, and we had a chat about various options for my planned fun racing. There are several good manufacturers offering RTR buggies but I wanted something a bit more ‘pro’. It really came down to Kyosho, Losi or JQ. I did my usual research, which basically means YouTube!! and I really liked the look of the JQ simply because it comes with Savox servos and an Alpha based engine. The other thing that I liked was that there is a series of videos by JQ himself going all the way from unboxing, through setting up the electrics and then on to running in the engine and tuning it.

So I parted with my hard earned cash and for the sum of approximately £360 I was the proud owner of an 8th buggy…

Opening the box I was very surprised and really pleased that what you get is pretty close to the model behind the current JQ buggy, the Black edition. There are some things toned down like the shocks which are not screw to adjust but use inserts. But you do get Savox servos as mentions, not top of hte range but still Savox!

I think it really does look the part. You even get a radio but I have to be honest and say that I will be going with my Sanwa M12 simply because I am so used to it.

So, in addition to the buggy you do need a few extras;

Fuel bottle, glow starter, glow plug (I got two as I suspect I will kill one of them during the run in process) some filter oils, some tools and off course a T-Shirt!!

Oh and yes fuel;

I will post a few blog entries over the next few months as I get ready for a few rounds of summer fun at the NIMCC track in Ballymena… wish me luck!

I did spend my own money on this, it is not a sponsored review, but I do thank Andrew at Modeltune for his help in making the decision to do this.