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Xpress Active Rear Suspension update

With the world having gone mad and no real racing going on due to Covid-19 I finally caved in and bought some parts for the car that I have been driving for the last few rounds at my local club. I have not been sponsored for a while and I had bought a secondhand Xpress XQ1 that has already been converted to a mid motor car. While I liked the car I had liked the active suspension, ARS, of the Awesomatix A800x Evo that I had tried earlier in the year.

So I decided to order the XP-10195 on-power control system or Xpress’s version of the ARS.

The before picture of the ‘normal’ rear arms and hubs in place;

The pack as it arrives, with all the parts and the single A4 page of instructions;

All the parts laid out ready for the build, a small amount of work required to remove some flashing of the plastic parts which are all the hard Xpress plastic;

The hub carriers are a work of art in Xpress’s usual black and red;

The hubs are built up pretty much the same as a set of front hubs but, as you can see, inlcudes the hard plastic hub and also a set of carbon fibre insert parts. All shims are included for the initial setup;

The arms are start to come together with the hub inserted into the hub carrier and attached to the arm. The hinge pin is held in place with a grub screw through the bottom of the alloy hub carrier and also a screw into the arm. I found when I tightened the grub screw up it did cause some binding so I ended up removing it and just used the screw in the arm to hold the hinge pin in place.

Both arms built up and the turnbuckles that wil go from the hub to the chassis all built;

A closer look;

The original and the ARS arm side by side for comparison;

And the ARS in place;

Another view of the hub carrier;

And this hows just how amazing the hub carrier is;

From the top, both arms in place with toe in set;

A really neat feature of the Xpress ARS is that they give you the parts to quickly make your ARS fixed. You remove the carbon insert from the hub and put an alloy tube in place with a long screw passing through the hub carrier and into the hub. A quick way to make your suspension close to normal until you get a chance to put the original arms and hubs back in place.

I really liked that the Xpress ARS comes with pretty much all the parts to allow you to have the ARS ready to go on your car. And you can leave your normal suspension ready to go back on, I would say about 10 minutes would then change it over after the initial build. And as usual the red and black of Xpress looks so good.