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ARC R12 Build Tips

The new ARC R12 touring car has arrived and for those of you starting your builds Zak Finlay and Coling Jackson, two of the UK’s top stock drivers have put together some hints and tips and also a suggested base carpet setup to get you off to a good start.

As always kist and parts are available from TorqueRC and also MB Models

Starting with a new product from Team Zombie the ARC R12 screw kit;

  • All Alu screws for top side of the car
  • Lightweight
  • High Quality
  • Black Anodised

Next the kit bearings which arrive pre-greased. This ensures the precise bearing are lubricated but is not always the ‘most free’. Before assembly, flush out the bearings with bearing cleaner/brake cleaner and apply a thin bearing oil so the bearings run more efficiently;

When building the Spool, grease either side of the spool axle with an anti wear grease. This ensures longevity of the spool.

A recommended option part for stock racing is the R102811 Spool Outdrive Alu.

When building the diff use 1.5g of diff oil and rmove the air with a vacum pump for best results;

Next a tip on the layshaft;

At this stage in the build, fitting the two belts… ensure the belt tension is set to the loosest setting. This is critical to ensure no unnecessary stress is put on the chassis during assembly;

Next up is the turnbuckle assembly and it is recommended to use an Axle Grease to pre-grease the Ball cup as well as pre-thread the ball cup before assembly using M3 screw

ARC also do low friction versions of the different ball joints in the car;

R10114A Ball Joint 4.9mm Open 6pcs (LF)
R10114C Anti Roll Bar Joint 4pcs (LF)
R10114D Steering Rod Ball Joint Set (LF)

Ensuring free movement and making sure the arms fall under their own weight;

With the R12, Driveshafts come pre-assembled but not greased. Disassemble each driveshaft and rebuild with Anti-friction CVD Grease

Another possible option is the lihgtweight R112206 – R11 Wheel Axle-7075 (2)

Use a Thumb nut before tightening the wheel hex to ensure is it sitting true on the pin

Use an M3x10mm Countersunk screw at this stage as the hub moves more efficiently

And the final build tip is to use Anti-wear grease on the driveshaft blade before installing into the outdrive. Driveshaft blade will last longer

In addition to hte tips above Colin has also put together a starting point for indoors, this will evolve over time so keep an eye on the ARC touring car support facebook page and don’t be afraid to ask the team if you see any of them at the track.

On the motor mount Colin uses the following letters in his notes to show what screws he has in place;